Dark Clouds and Rainy Days, the Bad Side of Cloud Computing

I’ve been meaning to upload these slides for a little bit. The tipping point was today, when I saw the Daily Telegraph had tweeted a story about a Councillor in Ireland who thought cloud computing depended on rainy weather. It turns out this story was a hoax (taking in the Telegraph, apparently).

To get to the point, I gave a presentation at the Informa Cloud Mobility event in Amsterdam in September entitled “Dark Clouds and Rainy Days, the Bad Side of Cloud Computing”, which I’ve uploaded to slideshare for people to have a look at and comment on. I should say that, as with a lot of things in the technology world, things move quickly and events have superseded a couple of things in the slides. It’s a pretty negative slideset, interspersed with some lolcatz, but the idea of the presentation was to give an alternative view to the conference and to get people thinking. The attendees and presenters struggled even to define “cloud”; a marketing term, which is part of the problem of this topic.

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