History of Mobile Security

The Mobile Industry
Attacks Against Mobile Devices – The Threat Landscape
Wireless Bearer Security

          – TS 33.401: Security Architecture for LTE
          – TS 33.402: Security aspects of non-3GPP accesses
          – TS 33.102: Includes backhaul issues

  • Home (e)NB security

          – TR 33.820: Study on Security of Home (e) Node B (informative)
          – TS 33.320: Security Aspects of Home (e) NodeB (normative)

Application Security, Signing and App Store Security
Native Applications, Platforms and Mobile Web Application Security
Software Development and Product Security Management for Mobile
Mobile Malware

Building Trust in Mobile Devices – Hardware Security
Mobile Handset Forensics
Privacy, Child Protection and Workplace Policies
Mobile Phone Theft
Incident Handling and Responsible Disclosure

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